Res Novae

23rd April 2015 – Digitised Medical Manuscript, BL Sloane MS 345

Not strictly monastic, but no doubt of interest to some of the delegates to this conference, is a manuscript recently digitised by the British Library. Sloane MS 345 is text containing a variety of medical recipes and treatments, with illustrations of the processes as well. It is available for free from the British Library Digitised Manuscripts. See the blog post here:


9th April 2015 – Registration is now open!

Registration for the Leeds Monasticism Conference 2015 ‘Monastic Sciences: Medicina, Mechanica, Philosophia’ is now open. 

Please see the registration page for more information.


9th April 2015 – Funding Acknowledgement

The organisers would like to thank warmly the Wellcome Trust for their generous support of Monastic Sciences.


26th March 2015 – Funding Acknowledgement

The organisers would like to thank warmly the British Society for the History of Science for their generous support of Monastic Sciences. 

9 March 2015 – Funding Acknowledgement
The organisers would like to thank warmly the Society for the Social History of Medicine for their generous support of Monastic Sciences. We would also like to draw attention to their provision of bursaries for members of the SSHM, which are able to cover international travel. Please see the Society’s website for full details regarding bursaries and the benefits of membership.


28 February 2015

Dear All,

The deadline for the call for papers for Monastic Sciences has now passed. The organisers would like to thank everyone who has submitted an abstract, and we were overwhelmed by the interest which people have taken in the conference. The abstracts promise a rich and vibrant diversity of topics pertaining to the conference’s themes and we are already excited about the discussion which will inevitably arise over the two days.

Over the next few weeks we will be making as many of the abstracts as possible available to view here on the website, in order to give people a taste of the topics on offer. Watch this space!


The Organisers of Monastic Sciences


17 February 2015
The organisers of Monastic Sciences would like to thank the following for their financial support of this event:
Centre for Medical Humanities, University of Leeds
School of History, University of Leeds
White Rose College for Arts and Humanities

9 November 2014
Prof. Peregrine Horden, one of our keynote speakers, has kindly provided us with a copy of the bibliography for his new piece on monastic medicine. There’s lots of great material here, with the most directly relevant items having been highlighted. Click on the link below to download the document.

Horden, Monasticism sickness and healing bibliography

27 October 2014
Our Call for Papers is now available for download. Please feel free to pass this on to whomever you think might be interested!

Monastic Sciences 8-9 May 2015


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