Friday Evening Dinner

We are hoping you will join us for a dinner at the Victoria Hotel on Friday (17 May) evening after the first day of the conference. We have reserved a room and would be very grateful if you could RSVP through email ( to confirm your place. Unfortunately, we cannot pay for anyone’s meal so you will have to cover the cost. The menu/prices can be found here. Please do let us know in advance if you are interested in coming to dinner with us.

Also anyone coming to Leeds before Friday is invited to join the Leeds PG medievalists on our weekly pub night (Thursday starting at 5pm). We gather at the Fenton Pub for conversation, pints, and a bit of fun. You can find directions on their facebook page. It is just down the road from the University.


One thought on “Friday Evening Dinner

  1. You’ve all been emailed about it, but also an official website reminder to send us your dinner menu choice, please! Our venue has kindly pointed out that since we’ll be a large group, we can get our food quicker if we order in advance, and I know the organisers will certainly be famished by that stage! 🙂

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